I started WaysForward Interactive Solution Focused Software with Jonathan Hales, a senior accredited counselor attached to the counselling services of a leading UK university in 2005. It’s initial goal was to test and gauge the effectiveness of automated counselling software. The initial project was deemed a success and rolled out to educational psychologists, schools, child and family therapy teams within social work. It was then developed as an online resource, and made available to the Counselling and Wellbeing Services in thirty universities in the UK and Ireland. The project closed in 2012 but re-opened again in 2019 in response to the increasing demand on university counselling services and then in response to the Pandemic. Delivery has been stepped up now with 2 versions now in testing


  • define functional requirements from stakeholder interviews
  • design and develop OOP LAMP based interaction platform
  • develop the brand and it’s strategy
  • work on a close basis with clients for delivery, support and maintenance
  • define and track success metrics
  • research, develop and deliver 2 new products
  • redevelop interaction platform to WordPress plugin
  • eLearning course development including practitioner interviews, content creation and user testing
  • define feature prioritisation and road map


Currently in trials, MoodBooster is a resource designed to help the user engage in a mental health routine that’s lightweight and rapid to adopt. Built around micro sessions in the day and week, MB delivers key SFBT principles for those of us struggling to handle these challenging times. The sessions are anonymous but an option for an email summery.

WaysForward 2020 is a eLearning course designed to educate the user in the application of SFBT through a period of up to 4 weeks. It breaks the process down into optional channels that help the user explore “The Changes You Want” “The Better Moments” “A Better Future” and “The Next Small Step”. A detailed feedback section helps them review and apply the course feedback, forming a responsive wellbeing routine.