I started TMN with my long term friend, product development buddy and senior accredited counselor Barry McInnes in May 2017. The goal is to help practitioners build bridges between research, evaluation and practice. Since then it’s formed a fascinating window into the world of therapy today and more recently into the impact and response by the whole sector to the Pandemic. We are in the early phases of releasing a series of products and services for our community to further our initial goal. The first phase is a collection of the most readily used clinical measures that offer a convenient electronic replacement to cumbersome paper predecessors this stands to raise engagement and adoption.


  • define business strategy 
  • define functional requirements from user interviews
  • define feature prioritisation and road map
  • develop interaction platform and measures
  • web development
  • research secure data warehousing, modelling, analysis and visualisation


TMN started as a blog on industry specific topics, but has expanded to encapsulate the changes that the sector has had to come to terms with during and post pandemic

Some of our categories include …

# COVID-19


We see community as an important part of TMN, firstly in informing and disseminating resources, and recently hosting an environment where our members can meet and talk with likeminded individuals 

Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
Here's a picture of a cute dog contemplating lunch.

Alternatively it's the latest TMN blog, wondering if SCoPEd will make me a better therapist. Seems to be dividing opinion. This is mine - what's yours? Have your say in the TMN group.
Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
Staying the right side of ethical if you're doing research and surveys.
Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
We've created online versions of the CORE Outcome Measure and CORE-10 measures. Interactions that leave no trace. No fuss, no platform required, no fee. You're welcome to try. The bots have arrived. 👾👾👾
Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
Good article on IAPT. Findings of 16% recovery very much in line with our own finding of 17%. Truly P45 territory.
Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
The perennial question. Do clients drop out because they got what they needed and forgot to tell us, or because they didn’t get what they wanted and couldn’t tell us? Either way, drop out is (arguably) largely preventable. We need to start taking it personally and examining what’s behind it. Here’s what one (IAPT) service found when it investigated the phenomenon.
Therapy Meets Numbers
Therapy Meets Numbers
Inspiring story of how one service faced down the might of the medical model.....and won. Make a cuppa, it's worth every one of the 10 mins required to read it.👏👏


To support the community through this period of change TMN is starting the release of a series tools and resources to help their members. The first is a set of clinical measures including  CORE-10, CORE-OM, GAD7, GHQ28, PHQ9. The roll out was started with the post below and will promote debate in all social channels for feedback on product development. (again, check back soon for more details)