I am Giles and this is TheWebMadeSimple.  I’m fascinated with systems, how they work and how they can create amazing outcomes.

My interests flourished in my teens with music, local radio and Sound Design. I moved to London for a high life in film & TV. Then a twist in circumstances lead me through long journey where I had to learn to accept, confront and ultimately overcome anxiety. Through that journey, I learnt how technology could be used to extend the incredible work that services and practitioners provide … in short to extend wellbeing through technology

I started the WebMadeSimple as a venture to research, incubate and deliver resources that promote and support wellbeing and positive mental health. The following pages are an example of such resources. They are all in development and as such, both they and this site are in a constant state of change.

Events this year are giving us all an unprecedented challenge in terms of handling difficulty and unhelpful change. While this has caused great suffering I also see great examples of courage, resilience, flexibility and ingenuity that are countering with helpful change. Mahatma Gandhi once said “We must become the change we want to see in the world” … I look to TWMS and what I do as a way of contributing to the helpful change