A range of affordable web and app based resources

that will bring tangible benefits for you as a practitioner

and increased wellbeing for your clients


Effective Honest Marketing

  • introduce yourself and how you can help through your website, an app personalised for you, in the app stores, and across your preferred social media
  • resources that allow you to answer questions and share resources to strengthen client engagement.
  • offer a secure and personal interaction with potential clients to increase the likelihood they become paying clients

Client Engagement and Retention

  • electronic courses to support the therapeutic process and client engagement
  • a range of supporting interactions on anything from task management, problem solving, decision making that help your client practice change where ever they are, whenever they need

Simplified client management

  • manage income and cashflow better by offering online payment options with discounts for monthly and block payments, thereby
  • manage your appointments easily & quickly online while giving your clients the freedom to choose their preferred time
  • technical support & maintenance included

Streamline your time and your income

  • less time spent on administration
  • more time spent focused on attracting and retaining clients
  • support beyond the ’50 minute hour’ justifies enhanced rates
  • affordable prices and convenient payment plans


  • 24/7 access to your knowledge & expertise, where ever they are when ever they need
  • a range of accompanying resources help your clients challenge thinking patterns and develop new skills. and practice their part of the Therapeutic Alliance
  • the option to embed outcome measures throughout the course measuring course effectiveness & client outcomes
  • the ability to “Journal” and “Photo Blog” encouraging your clients to reflect on their progress, plan and execute change on a daily basis, and then record their successes thereby underpinning their recovery and your help in that process
  • journaling and photo/video blogging resources that encourage your clients to reflect on and capture their progress, plan and execute change, and celebrate their successes and your part in that process

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